Idea To deploy a “plug & play” emergency telecommunication network for communication, zone mapping and response planning. Concept By spreading a large number of mobile telecommunication network nodes we are able to set up an emergency network, while the fixed telecommunication infrastructure is down. The nodes will be solid and highly durable, with an attachable balloon working as an antenna enabling greater coverage. This makes it possible to instantly track cell phones by using techniques such as triangulation, in an effort to make search and rescue more efficient. Having deployed the nodes in strategic positions allows us to create virtual zones of the disaster area. We will then be able to display all active and inactive devices on a virtual map, with an overlay of the zones of the disaster area. Having an overview of this use of the data will provide an excellent basis for the rescue operation to direct orders to the most affected zones. The software, the communic

Información adicional

As one of the winners of the competition, the first 72 hours, I was rewarded to go to Santiago de Chile, representing our team.
It was a pleasant trip, mostly due to the generous and friendly hosts but mainly very productive for Instanet.

As soon as you step into the office at Socialab, you can tell that the staff has lots of experience working and coaching within the field of social entrepreneurship. As we started to dig into the planning of the two upcoming weeks, you were introduced to their wide network of partners, people with valuable input and other potential stakeholders. Meetings were scheduled for the time I was staying in Chile with really interesting organizations.

As the weeks proceeded some of these meetings actually change the course of the planned product, in order to align with the needs that we really didn’t know about before I went to Chile.

Besides working with Socialab, I got to meet representatives from UNICEF that would feedback on our idea in very constructive ways and help us to build a solid business model. The opportunity to meet people with experience from catastrophes all over the world really helped us out in forming Instanet to the product that’s needed today.

There’s no doubt that the trip to Chile was least to say valuable for Instanet as a product but also experience wise for us as a team. As I returned back to Sweden I could share all the important lessons I had learned over the two weeks.

Joakim Larsson
Project Co-ordinator
The Instanet Project

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Hola, me encanta su idea, ¿Hay alguna forma de podamos colaborar?. Estamos participando con algo similar.

12/03/14 15:26