TDK Team (Tianyi Sun, Della Tosin, Kevin Chang) The Calientamigos system allows impoverished families living without hot running water to heat and pressurize water for bathing, cooking and cleaning. The system comprises three modular components: BOMBA, a safe, portable electric water heater (like an inside-out electric tea kettle) that safely heats 5 gallons of water to 110 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 minutes - enough for showers for 2 adults or 3 children; CORAZON, a simple to use foot pump that pressurizes the warm water; and GOTA, a multi-purpose faucet head. Calientamigos is flexible enough to work with any container found around the home. It heats water more quickly, at a lower cost than existing methods, is more affordable than existing market options, and more accessible than installing a gravity-fed water system. Calientamigos helps kids stay clean and healthy for school, and frees their families from the time and energy spent inefficiently heating water.

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