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Fresh Water Solutions
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Category 1: Water
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Our project has a purpose that is reduce social inequality in access to clean water, so that millions of people have better health and quality of life. We do this through the delivery of plug and play
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In Chile about 382,000 families do not have access to drinking water, in Latin America and the Caribbean this number increases to 34,000,000 people who do not have access to drinking water and in the world, about 2 billion people regularly drink contaminated water what produces diseases. According to the WHO, in 2012 there were 842,000 deaths due to the absence of clean water and in 2016, it was estimated that contaminated water caused more than 500,000 deaths from diarrhea, being the most important factor in tropical diseases.
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FreshWater systems are a plug and play solution of unlimited air water source to be used in remote, rural, suburban areas, and can be coupled to alternative energy sources. This system contains software that simulates and accelerates the natural cycle of water, by capturing the microparticle of water in the environment and transforming it into "cloud and rain", it goes through filtration, purification and sterilization processes to generate purified water. The systems can produce between 5 and 5000 liters of water.
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Rural Population,Agriculture and Fishing,Children & Youth

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