SWIT Pilot for Port Mourant, Guyana

Reduction of NRW is one of the biggest challenges for Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI). the NRW losses are high and exceeds 70% of the total water production. The Port Mourant Water Treatment Plant is approximately 20 years old and currently serves a reduced boundary of only 6 villages of approximately 3451 customers across. Its original design boundary spanned 18 villages. The current output for the plant is 8.25ML/d with a supply time of 20 hours (9 hours per day with a maximum pressure of 18 psi and 11 hours per day with a reduced pressure of 8 psi). The level of service is generally poor with an average distribution pressure of 4.6psi. Considering all this, GWI is proposing a pilot for support and assistance in the implementation of a GIS, Hydraulic Modelling, SCADA software & hardware for DMA, Leakage and pressure management for NRW reduction activities in the Port Mourant Water supply zone via the use of Smart Water Infrastructure Technologies.
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Smart Water Infrastructure Pilot for NRW reduction in Port Mourant
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Smart technologies (Smart Water Infrastructure Technologies - SWIT)
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