Cloud-Based Smart Water Balance

The project demonstrates the implementation of an automated "Smart Water Balance" of the District Metered Areas (DMAs) of the Grand Bahama Utility Company water distribution system. The DMAs have 18 flow and pressure monitoring stations that transmit data to the cloud every hour. Initially, the data was downloaded and analyzed manually. The Smart Water Analytics project team automated the data analytics and reporting process. Now the utility receives daily reports of the water production from four Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) and water supplied to each DMA. The automated cloud-based daily report summarizes data and results in Dashboards containing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Operators can obtain detailed flow and pressure data of each monitoring location on a 15 timestep and minimum, average and maximum values of the monitored parameters. Prior to the automation, operators only had access to daily totalized water volume production from each WTP and a snapshot of the pressure.
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This initiative is providing automated processed information to operators. The data is analyzed and presented in dashboards that provide visualization of KPIs related to production, consumption, NRW, and main water loss components. Prior to the implementation of this initiative, data was recorded in handwritten forms that needed to be transferred manually to Excel. However, the data collected was a "snapshot" is most cases and lacked the continuity and diurnal patterns that the dashboards provide. Smart Water Analytics can replicate this process for any water utility regardless of size and complexity. It is scalable and upgradable.
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Grand Bahama Utility Company
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Cloud-Based Smart Water Balance
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Technological innovation
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Automated daily and monthly water balance. Provides Dashboards and KPIs of water supply, consumption, and Non-Revenue Water. This is Phase 1 of a Utility Data Integration and Automation Project.
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