Nexo seeks to turn enviromental issues into solutions that benefit local communities by turning what is tought as a problem into valuable products by using biotechnology and innovation. We are currently focused on the Sargazo crisis hitting the mexican caribbean, our plan is to bio-process sargazo that is constantly negatively affecting communities, and turning it into valuable industrial chemical products: fucoidans, alginates and fertilizers (as a residue of our process). We seek to fund a biorefinary to process sargazo in a way that has never done before.
Problem solved by your proposal
Population on the coast of the Mexican Caribbean / Quintana Roo Peninsula / Health issues, low economic activity, unemployment / Sargazo piling up on the beaches / Millions of people are affected each year due to the environmental, economical, and health issues that sargazo accumulation causes on the beaches of Quintana Roo
What positive impact would/does your idea have on your community? Specific environmental or social improvements
Removing sargazo from the beaches is key in order to avoid the harmful contaminating substances seeping in to the soil and hurting the maritime life. Also, as we stated before, sargazo accumulation has slowed economical development and left many with health issues caused by aspiring the fumes liberated by sargazo.
Why are you interested in taking part in environment and ocean-related matters?
We seek to involve biotech and scientific innovation in establishing the solutions needed to affront the many environment problems that don't seem to have an effective solution.
SDG most related to the proposal
SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

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Ah perfecto, primero que nada felicidades y gracias por participar. Me encanta la idea y veo que puede ser una solución viable para el tema del sargazo. Veo que esta en nivel de idea y quisiera saber ¿el equipo tiene conocimientos y habilidades en el tema? ¿Qué alianzas han pensado que serían necesarias para llevar a cabo el proyecto? ¿Cuáles creen que son sus principales retos? ¡Mucho éxito en el proceso!
2 years ago
Hola Oscar, gracias por participar en Comprometidos, soy Brenda Villegas del equipo de Ashoka en México ¿hablas español?
2 years ago
Hola, si, somos del ITESM Guadalajara. Conteste el formulario en inglés porque así me venían las preguntas solamente :)
2 years ago