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Ecompake Sustainable Solutions is a young company founded an managed by two 24 years ,that sells ecological products, all these products are 100% natural, compostable at home and biodegradable made with palm leaf, bamboo fiber, recycled wood and organic cotton. We are in the categories of ecological disposables, personal hygiene and now in the B2B category for the canned beverage industry, we have rings made with bamboo fiber to hold and transport the cans in a 100% ecological way and leaving aside single-use plastics. The project is aimed at all people who want to generate a positive impact in the world, currently our project is developed in Ecuador and we have sent two pallets to Panama City to open a market in this country. The project is on the rise since in the two years of operation we have seen a very interesting sales growth in addition to the presence of our brand in the main supermarkets and pharmacies in the country, reaching a number of 750 points of sale nationwide.
Problem solved by your proposal
According to the research magazine Plan V In 2018, Ecuadorians threw 12,739.01 tons of garbage daily. Of these, 11.43% were plastic. That represents the figure of 531,461 tons per year of this material, and half of those 531,461 tons corresponds to soft plastic, which is that which has a single use. In Ecuador, 261,778 tons of this plastic is thrown every year, which is practically impossible to recycle. The law approved by the Assembly says that in 36 months, from its validity, the manufacture and import of covers, glasses, utensils and tableware will be prohibited. of plastics that are not recyclable and whose production does not contain the percentage of recycled raw material as indicated in the standard, which says that all plastic bags, containers and products must have recycled materials. This percentage is gradual and must be incorporated in terms of 18, 36 and 48 months. That is why Ecompake offers 100% natural, compostable at home and biodegradable products
What positive impact would/does your idea have on your community? Specific environmental or social improvements
We believe that Ecompake is transforming the consumption habits of Ecuadorians and that many people identify with our brand, we have been able to show in small cantons of our country a great interest in the brand, thus growing with a network of distributors that covers the 4 regions of our country and promoting local entrepreneurship and responsible consumption from the most remote places to the main cities of Ecuador. Within our B2B business line we can see many canned beverage companies that are transforming their packaging and opting for Ecompake. We are the first company to introduce eco products to biggest retail chains in the country and we have been awarded several times from different entities, public and private, we strongly believe we havae a great connection with our consumers as our digital platforms continue growing and we have reached a great engagement with our audience.
Why are you interested in taking part in environment and ocean-related matters?
We all know that if not now, might be too late, our world has critic levels of pollution and damage to environment, we believe small actions are what this world is about.About us We are a team that believes that the world would be a better place if people changed their consumption habits for truly sustainable products. We want to be part of the solution, but not part of the problem. All our actions are focused on generating the smallest environmental footprint on the planet. Our products We deliver the best eco-friendly products, always seeking innovation and adaptation to the needs of our customers. How we work How we work We seek to change the relationship that people have with eco-friendly products, denoting beauty at all points of contact that our customers have, from the product to our way of communicating.
SDG most related to the proposal
SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production
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